Dr P puppies exotica

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Suki Sienna.  She is really adorable but didn't want to sit for her picture right now.  And being the indulgent mother that I am, I let her off for now with the understanding that there will be a picture in place of the blank space very soon.

Suki Sapphire.  I think that Suki Sienna is a bit shy about being photographed or compared to Sapphire because Sapphire presents so elegantly.  I understand that Sapphire is gorgeous and is maturing into a somewhat small girl who could be the cover girl on any magazine, but I will help Sienna overcome her hang-ups and we will have our pictures.

Ringo.  This guy is the first of the Bambino gang--a white and gold boy, a real prize fighter who already is nearly as large as his older Byrd cousins.  But, believe it or not, he will likely mature to be a more chunky boy (as shiapoos are) weighing modestly more than the Byrds but just the right size to romp and play with some lucky little boy.

Bruno.  Here is a beautiful deep cinnamon with a black mask that my master nicknamed hamster.  He is a bit less hefty than Ringo but not far behind--a chubby, fuzzy, wonderful little boy.

Caramella.  This is my cinnamon princess who is gorgeous and fun and manages to keep up while playing with her brothers.

Boots.  White boots on an inky black, intensely curly coat---how awesome is that! And she has the adorable personality to match.  Maybe one day she will appear alongside her older sister Suki Sapphire on magazine covers--after all, a mother can dream.  Right?