Dr P puppies exotica

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Cassandra (Cassy).  This is one big girl although looking bigger because of a huge coat, brown and white, with  blue eyes lined with white.  Someone even suggested that this might be a rare 'merle'.  Whatever one could say about it, it was remarkable.  This is a loving and playful girl.

Coriander (Corey)  Corey is slightly smaller than Cassy but is one of the most photogenic girls around.  The golden and white coat and awesome face just win you over immediately.  She is a loving child, very playful, even a bit rowdy at times which is fine.  She keeps life going.

Carlo left so early that we did not really get to know him.  He was as beautiful as his sisters.  We do know that he is in intensive agility training and is doing marvelously well and we will surely keep track of how he is doing.