Dr P puppies exotica

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Hello. My name is Beautiful Avis Mavis Magnolia, the blonde/red sister of Margie.  There is an interesting thing about our "sisterhood"--contrary to documents from Argentina, we have little or no physical resemblance and our children also have attested to that..i.e. they do not share the physical resemblance that one would expect of cousins.  Now, some people could have become terribly upset, but my master loves us all and has never shown any concern about our difference in appearance.

But our dear friend Bob calls me "baby girl" and, to be honest, he is my favorite person in this whole world.  I had a terrible bite injury of the face by a large dog earlier on and Bob was one of my nurses who helped bring me back to good health.

I  could have sat for my photograph but still am a bit shy but have promised that I will do that soon. Anyway, life did start out a bit traumatically with the injury, but in spite of that I met Gordo the beautiful platinum toy poodle and we had our first litter about three months after Eliza had Rosanna.  This was not an easy time either for me.  The first baby did not survive and the second little girl was born with some  type of palsy or paralysis of her arms and legs.  Fortunately, the third little girl was fine.  

The tiny compromised girl was named Suki Sienna  a gorgeous little blonde much like my coloring, and she became a profile in courage.  It was felt that she was injured in utero  (prior to birth).  Initially she was unable to walk but with lots of physical therapy she slowly regained strength and muscle coordination.  Eventually all that remained was a minor problem with using her left front foot which caused her to walk with a limp.  But she was not content to only walk and finally was racing along with the other puppies.  But you can imagine how, as a mother with an injured child and having had a serious injury herself, I suffered a great deal of stress from this "double whammy".

On the positive side, there was the third little girl named Suki Sapphire who turned out to be a real delight who acted as a guardian for her little sister.  Sapphire was beautiful--a black silky coat with streaks of gold starting on her ears and working down the sides of her coat.  And  although she also became a bit noisy---according to the master, her fears that she might not get the attention that she craved was what caused this reaction.

So, given the above story, it was decided that I would not have more puppies for some time giving me ample time to recover.  However, life never being as orderly as we wish it to be,  one night I got together with Gordo and ended up with an almost secret pregnancy.  I had gained a fair amount of weight and my coat was quite fluffy so it was not surprising that one day while I was napping my master noted just how chunky that I had gotten.  Very little escapes the master and as he took a second look he became aware of my secret.  In two days I had given birth to four little 'Bambinos"--Ringo a gold and white boy, Bruno a cinnamon boy (who my master nicknamed hamster), a darling little cinnamon girl called Caramella, and lastly, but not least, a curly little black girl with white boots who we named Arbutus (Boots for short).  And what a gang they have been.  It wasn't long before they were becoming just more than I could handle along because of my previous injury so  they were allowed to join the two Byrd boys of Eliza's who were just slightly older but very close in size.  This allowed them the extra socialization that they wanted.

I feel most fortunate to have such a loving home which has included all of the help that I need in caring for my own family of babies. But as I wrap up this story, like any good mother, I am going to take this opportunity to get you to listen to a bit of bragging and to take a look at some photos of my kids that I am so proud of.