Dr P puppies exotica

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Hello.  I'm Rosanna Bonanna, the first of the 'first babies' and I'm getting ready to celebrate my first holiday season.  Since being born 12 January 2015, life for me has been nothing but fun and games and it has seemed to me that my real job here has been to bring fun to everyone--my human friends and my doggie friends. This attribute alone is worth a lot.  People struggle to find happiness and fun often without success and I am one of those rare doggies that can deliver.

Why me?

Perhaps one of my attributes that is most important to me is my intelligence.  I am what is often referred to as 'hybrid'' or 'designer' doggie.  We are known for our superior intelligence.  We know what makes you happy.  This can not necessarily be said for just any breed of dog.    

I can be trained for many skills that will make your life more pleasant and bring you the added happiness.