Dr P puppies exotica

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Hello.  And I'm Eliza Doolittle, Rosanna's Mamma.  There is no question that Rosanna has become a charming girl.  She does tend to exaggerate a bit but by and  large she is that delightful child she claims that she is.  Her father of course was Gordo, our beautiful and brilliant platinum toy poodle so she comes by her smarts in reality.  I am a Malshi (maltese/shi-tzu) which adds another factor of a little more elegance.  I tend to be somewhat less boisterous and my coat is softer and silkier than Rosanna's coat which is somewhat thicker.  I am quite attached to my human person (Dr.P).  In addition to my elegant spirit, I also am somewhat independent.  Our first litter was somewhat of a trial.  Typically for a young mother the puppies were too large and we lost one to stillbirth so Rosanna ended up an only child.  And you know only children. We really debated on the subject of having more children but decided to try Tweetie Byrd our gorgeous and small black and white shi-tzu as the father.  This time we were luckier and had three very small and easy to deliver shipoo puppies.  Although feeding three healthy puppies at my size (6.5 lbs) was a bit stressful, all has gone well and puppies are well on the road to weaning.  Interesting, Rosanna has been somewhat jealous and has tried to mostly ignore her two little brothers and one sister, often being a bit rough in her play.