Dr P puppies exotica

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Hello. I'm Shelby Shenanigans (more later about the name).  As you can see from my photo, I am a deep red Shih tzu.  I look so much like Avis Mavis that I offered to share my picture, but we all agreed that as well as she has continued to heal, she will be able to sit for a picture very soon herself.

I am not related to Avis but we do look so much alike.  I tend to be a bit smaller and deeper red, a relatively small shih tzu and very typical.  I've got that 'smooched-in' face with the tongue that likes to hang out when my master isn't posing me for photos. I'ts not a bad habit, just related to the fact that I actually do  have a very small mouth cavity such as is typical of us shih tzus.

Interestingly for some reason my master had this sense about me immediately when he saw me--the sense that I was full of mischief.  So the name came about--Shelby Shenanigans.  And whether I would admit it or not, he was RIGHT!  I won't or can't deny it--I am into everything.  For example, two days ago I got into trouble for getting into the xmas decorations that had been set up for photo taking and ate some of the artificial berries and tinsel and knocked the poor lighted snowman off his perch.  This did not go over well and no one was amused or even surprised.  As they say, the usual suspects were rounded up and I was thoroughly  interrogated and scolded (which apparently never works). This just seems to be a part of me.  Perhaps it is an inquisitiveness about life--a curiosity about how everything about me works.  Anyway, it does keep life interesting for me and mine.

I came from fine stock kennel from close-by Kentucky.  I  had my first  litter of babies the same week in June as the Malshi Millie and shih tzu Margie.  Think about that!  Fifteen babies in one week.  There is no doubt that my master has never fully recovered or fully caught up from such an tsunami of babies.  And the interesting thing is that all of the puppies from the beginning were active and demanding--mine were no exception.  They were all fathered by the Casanova Gordo the toy poodle. In my case I had four boys and two girls and they were a wild group.  Colors varied from black to black and white to carmel to red---a motley crew.

I have enjoyed telling you about myself and, before I leave, I want my share of bragging and picture showing.  It is the natural thing that mothers and grandmothers are known for.