Dr P puppies exotica

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Randolf.  There were two hefty black boys--Randolf here and Rudy who were almost twins from the beginning.  Randolf looked a little more like his father with the typical poodle almond-shaped eye, longer nose, and somewhat of a serious expression.  Initially again, he is somewhat like his father being just a bit aloof but easily gets over that and is one of the most lovable babies.

Rudy.  As noted above, Rudy is Randolf's 'near twin' but if you look closely you can see that mom is a shi tzu.  There are the rounded, slightly larger eyes, rounded face, and that difficult to describe mischievous look.  Overall I think he tends to be a bit more playful right from the start but differences tend to melt fast and soon you are hard-pressed to figure out which 'twin' you are dealing with.  The coats of these two guys are still mostly black but surprisingly to me, it looks like father's platinum silver is going to show up--first around the face then subtly all over the body so I would not be surprised if we would actually have another two silvers---no complaints.   When you look at pictures of dad, you can appreciate the beauty there.

Jason.  This is my golden boy, particularly after Monti was sold at an early age and left us for distant lands.  The gold color alone is striking and my master often referred to Jason and his golden fleece.  But along with that color is a sweetness that melts one immediately.  There is a gentleness and a kindness although he gets into enough trouble on his own to be a real boy

Pacobel.  I'll admit that Pacobel has a special place in my heart.  He is a little smaller, but so loving, and, of course, strikingly beautiful with that black and white coat. But he again can get into as much mischief as the next one.

CiCi Cinder, one of the two girls has been an inky black girl with a coat that often had its own way, looking a bit helter-skelter no matter how you groomed her.  She was on the aloof side also, so for a while she was not so endearing.  But then her personality seemed to open up and bloom and she became more and more sociable. The thing that struck me, her mother, the most was how she became surprisingly photogenic.  Her photos were beautiful...we could hardly believe it.  So this little girl is coming into her own.  So far she remains black but as usual the bets are on about who turns platinum as time goes on.  I do see some gold streaking already...?red like momma?

Rosebud.  Last but not least as they say.  This little girl has a mind of her own.  Oh yes, she is loving and sweet but she also is quite demanding with her siblings and a bit selfish  with toys and bones and oink-oink sticks and can be very verbal.  But you can't help but love her, rough edges and all...the red is beautiful and one of the colors highly prized in the shi tzu world.
They are wonderful kids weaned without problems, growing like weeds, and becoming very independent and intelligent.  I love them all.

More kids?--talk to me later...much later.  For now there are so many things to explore and so much mischief just waiting for me.