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Hello, I'm Millie, and I am the special subject of this module of my master's blog.  Let me introduce myself.  My full name is Marvelously Magnificent Millicent of Marigold.  I am the sister of Eliza Doolittle, the white Malshi who was the subject of the previous blog module.

Eliza is the white sister and I am the white and grey one, just slightly larger by perhaps  8 oz. in size.  Eliza, as you have learned, is very full of herself, seeing herself as the beautiful blonde one.  However my colors are awesome also.  Eliza can be somewhat arrogant, but I tend to be known for my sweetness and innocent expression. 

The two of us were never really close although we have always had an acceptable relationship.  I think that her 'uppitiness' has often annoyed me and, in all fairness, she has seen my 'sweetness' as somewhat overdone but after all, we are sisters and do have our differences and our needs to stand out as individuals.

As you know from our story at our master's home, Eliza was the first to bear children, having the sole Rosanna Bonanno and then later giving birth the second time to the three Byrd children of the shi tzu Tweeter Byrd.  Now even I will admit there have not been any more adorable children than those three babies.

But I am here to tell you about my own family and to do a little bragging of my own. I gave birth for the first time shortly after Eliza's first child and contrary to her experience, I was not so lucky as to have only one child to take care of.  I had a litter of six--yes, I said six.  Some accomplishment!!  All babies born alive and well.  I had 4 daughters and 2 sons.  The girls were quite small and my master named them the 'four Itsy Bitsies'...Itsy Bitsy Betsy the largest, then Itsy Bitsy Splash, then Itsy Bitsy Banjo, and finally the smallest Itsy Bitsy Bristol.  The two boys were handsome fellows themselves.  Monti a multicolor blonde who soon left us to join a new family of his own and Alessandro who became very much an image of his father.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention that Gordo Bambino the platinum silver toy poodle was the father . 

We had a good family unit but let me tell you that six very active puppies can be a real drag on your vitality.  They did well, however, and have all turned into delightful children.  They have the charm and intelligence of their poodle father.  Most of the children are also showing the silver color by this time and none will likely remain even close to black.  Well, after all, when you have a silver platinum father and a silver grey and white mother, what else can one expect?

I initially was somewhat concerned about the four Itty Bitsies, but they grew into small but very healthy kids.  Nothing worries a mother more than to see a child become what is commonly considered a  'runt'.  

I think that we have decided for now not to have more children right away.  Later we will consider the handsome shi tzu for a father.
On the next page are pictures of all the children with some brief comments about each one for your enjoyment.