Dr P puppies exotica

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Alessandro...He became the largest of the children, a gorgeous boy with a very curly coat turning a platinum silver.  He has a very sweet temperment much like my own.  I would guess that he may end up weighing slightly more than his father.

Itsy Bitsy Betsy... She has become the largest of the tiny girls and looks like a replica of her father but will be somewhat smaller.  She is fun-loving and sociable.

Itsy Bitsy Splash... This girl had an unusual color pattern...looked like someone had thrown a black blanket over a white girl.  As time went on, the black began to fade into another platinum shade.  She is a busy girl, always playing with siblings and her toys.

Itsy Bitsy Banjo...  Now we are getting to the really small ones.  She will be much smaller but has a really outgoing personality and can be quite fearless when dealing with her brothers and sisters.  Interestingly. she is quite mischievous.

Itsy Bitsy Bristol...  This girl is the smallest although only by a few ounces less than sister Banjo.  She is another little rascal, much like Banjo but even more mischievous.  She loves to keep things stirred up and have some game going on at all times.  When picked up as a really small baby she would rather bite your nose than give you a kiss...she just couldn't contain herself.  But for her sake I am glad that she can protect herself in such a large family.  

Last, but not least:  Monti... His was a gentle spirit.  He became the handsome prince, won everyone with his good looks, and was adopted into a loving home at an early age.