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Everything Your Pet Needs 

In addition to the breeding of specialty dogs, we at Dr P puppies exotica in Afton, TN also offer naturalistic care, training and grooming for your best friend.  We are available to assist consumers find the best veterinary care in their area.

Take a look at the charming group of puppies for sale:

Sweetest guy you'll ever meet.  He was born Oct 2, 2015.  Overall a very quiet guy who you seldom hear any barking but he loves to play and seems to know how photogenic he is.  

Ringo is priced at $700.

Caramella, sister of Ringo has just been 


This is Choco Byrd, son of our Shih Tzu stud Tweety Byrd.  He was born 9/3/15. and is now in the 6 lb. range.  He going to be small but very stocky. 


His price is $800.

Pinky Byrd is Choco's brother and somewhat smaller with less gold on him.  

He is a beautiful little man priced at $900.

This is Cory one of our first litter born 6/20/15.  It was somewhat of a surprise to have such a golden beauty from a silver and white mother and the platinum toy poodle.  Truly a beauty priced at$1000.

Cassy  is a beauty with blue eyes and a white around the eye suggestive of a 'merle'.  The coat is a light golden and white.  Altho funloving, she is a very obedient girl and is priced at $1100.

I inserted this picture of Corey and her mother to emphasize what I was describing as unique coloration.  And to show what a gorgeous puppy she was.

FRom the red shih tzu mother and the platinum poodle came this gorgeous black and white.  He is relatively small and may reach 8 lbs at the most.  This is a gentle but playful little boy priced  at  $600 which is a 50% reduction following his neutering.  What a bargain!!

This little red girl from the red shih tzu mother is a delight to behold.  In all fairness I have to add that she is one of the most mischievous little girls which endears her to us even more.  Rosebud is priced at $2000 and I will negotiate price to a good home.  After all, that's what it is all about.

Jason again from the red shih tzu mother--I call him Jason with the golden fleece.  The tips of the  hair are black---what a beauty.  He is a relatively quiet boy but gets into mischief also.  Interestingly his coat is more silky than his siblings.  He was neutered and now is priced from original price of $1200 to $600.     

Another outstanding bargain.

Randolf, a very sturdy boy may reach 10-11 lbs grown weight.  A very sweet disposition and, as you can see, there is some silver appearing.  He was neutered and original price of $900 reduced by 50% to $450.  This is an unbelievable bargain for such a special boy.  He is very much a 'lover boy'.

Brother Rudy may come the closest to being a bonafide black.  He has many facial characteristics of his shih tzu mother.  He also was neutered and price was dropped from$900 to $450.  He may be about 2 lbs. smaller grown than his brother.. 

 He has a great personality and is a lot of fun.

CiCi was a little 'ragamuffin' in the beginning with hair going every which way. Then she began to blossom into a most amazing photogenic girl.  Just delightful.  She remains mainly black but given that her father is the silver poodle, she could likely fade to a silver or gray.  She is so funloving. She is priced at $1200. Her size when grown w ill likely be about 6 lbs.--on the small side.
Alessandro and I were buddies and he recently was 


Alessandro and Bristol came from the Mal Shi mother Millie.  Alessandro was maturing to around 9 lbs. and this little (Itsy Bitsy) Bristol has just reached 3.5 lbs.  A tiny bundle of fun and excitement and strong and healthy.  

She is priced at$2000.  

You won't find such a tiny 

live-wire anywhere  like her.

This is Itsy Bitsy Banjo who is just slightly larger than Bristol at 4.5 lbs...another tiny who is strong, healthy , and full of life. 

She is priced at $2000.  

Splash is one of the 4 Itsy Bitsys and is just slightly larger than Banjo.  Her coloring adds to her drama and again, she is another of the small ones who is strong, healthy, and funloving. 

She is priced at$1500.  She is a rare jewel.  Come and see for yourself.  

This is Itsy Bitsy Betsy, the 'largest' of the Itsy Bitsys. 

 As she has matured she looks more and more like her brother Alessandro and her father...very curly silver coat and a very active girl.  

She is priced at$1800.

This is Suki Sapphire who was born 4/22/15.  A very active girl whose color defies description...it is black but also brown and also with streaks of gold.  The camera has a hard time getting it right.  She is a beauty who will remain rather small at about 6-7 lbs.  

Priced at $2000

Rosanna Bonanna is truly our first child, born 1/12/15 to our tiny Eliza Doolittle.  

She has alway believed that she is the social director here and feels the obligation to have some game going on all of the time.  

She is a hoot!  Priced at $1400.