Dr P puppies exotica

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                                                                               "I'm gonna be like you, Dad."

Gordo is a platinum toy poodle male who weighs 6-1/2 lbs. -- that is, 6-1/2 lbs. of beautiful silver.  His parentage is a 6.75 lb. particolor father and a 5.5 lb. particolor mother.
Most of the early puppies have been sired by Gordo and have been superior quality.  There have been the colors of the rainbow--silver, steel grey, black and white, gold and white, gold, red, and black.  Sizes have ranged from 11 lbs. (3) down to 3.5 lb.  Overall they are smaller than average shihpoos.

Coming next to join the family is our very small, 4-1/2 lb. black and white shih tzu sire, Brandon aka Tweety Byrd.   

Coming a little later, Tweety Byrd has sired only one litter--small gold and white boys and one black and white girl.  They of course lean toward the shih tzu profile and are adorable. 

 Note the middle picture of Pinky Byrd who has aspirations of becoming one of the studs.  It's likely.